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Click here for Haverhill Lions Club 40th Anniversary from October 13, 1984 information. The image shows the 40th Anniversary Ad Book Cover. The image shows the 40th Anniversary Pin that has the a Lady's Shoe on it with the Lions Club Emblem, 33-N, WE SERVE and the years 1944 - 1984. Haverhill was known as the Queen Shoe City in the early 1900's. The 40th Anniversary was held on October 13, 1884 at 7:00 pm.

Click here for Haverhill Lions Club 35th Anniversary from October 26, 1979 information. The image shows the 35th Anniversary Ad Book cover. The image shows the Lions Emblem with the years 1944 - 1979. The 35 Anniversary was held on October 26, 1979 at DiBurro's Catering Service at 6:30 pm.








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Welcome To Our Web Site

Welcome to the Haverhill, Massachusetts Lions Club web site.

The Haverhill Lions Club is a club of 27 women and men who are dedicated and determined to our community.

The Haverhill Lions Club is a proud member of the Lions Clubs International - the world's largest community service organization with clubs around the world.

To learn more about Lions Clubs International,
please click here.

The Haverhill Lions Club support fellow citizens whose lives we can positively effect.

Your donations to the Haverhill Lions Club directly fund:

  • LOCALLY: Eye examinations, eyeglasses, visual aid equipment, leader/guide dogs, youth/student involvement programs and more for Haverhill citizens.
    • A few of the services the Haverhill Lions Club have provided in the past few years to help out Haverhill residents:
      • Provided funding for numerous pairs of eyeglasses and eye examinations for Haverhill citizens.
      • A major contributor for two BrailleNote Machines for two Haverhill Public School Students.
      • Provided pieces of Visual Aid Equipment for Haverhill's Senior Citizens.
      • Provided major funding for a Haverhill resident to obtain a Leader Dog from the Leader Dogs For The Blind in Rochester, Michigan.
      • Sponsored members of the Haverhill High School "Model United Nations Debate Team" to attend the National Competition in New York City.
      • Provided major funding for a Haverhill Student to attend National Braille Competition in Los Angeles.
      • Provided major funding for Haverhill Students to attend Summer Camp designed for the visually impaired.
      • Sponsored Camperships to the Haverhill Boys and Girls Club Camp Tasker.
      • Provided monetary donations to Haverhill Police Officer Hardy for his Christmas campaign.
      • Donated "turkey dinners" to Haverhill food pantries at Thanksgiving.
      • Provided monetary donations through DSS for Haverhill families at Christmas time.
      • Sponsor and contributor for a Haverhill Student college scholarship.
  • STATEWIDE: Massachusetts Lions Eye Research Fund, Inc. (MLERFI) - the official project of the Massachusetts Lions Clubs. MLERFI supports the research and development of new ideas to overcome blindness.
  • GLOBALLY: Various programs internationally through Lions Club International Fund (LCIF). Working with Lions, LCIF prevents blindness. It provides food and clothing to victims of natural disasters. It also gives youth the tools to succeed through Lions-Quest, empowers the disabled through vocational training and promotes health by equipping clinics and hospitals.

The Haverhill Lions Club is always looking for new challenges, as we are a progressive club. We welcome visitors, be they other Lions, interested citizens or potential Lions members.

The Haverhill Lions Club meets twice a month (September through June) and elects its officers annually.

Our web site includes club information, history, events, charities, etc. Please feel free to browse the various sections of our site and learn more about our organization, our membership and our community.

Thank you and yours in Lionism,

Haverhill Lion Club

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Home Club International Director John Pettis, Jr., 2013-2015
Home Club Multiple District 33 Council Chairperson John Pettis, Jr., 2010-2011
Home Club 33N District Governor - Daniel Thornton, 1951-1952 - John Pettis, Jr., 1998-1999 - Frank Potter, 2001-2002 - Sharon Potter, 2006-2007
Meeting Schedule - Second and Fourth Monday - September through June - 6:30 p.m. - Maria's Family Restaurant, 81-83 Essex Street, Haverhill, Massachusetts - Click HERE For Map and Directions. Tel. 978-521-1472

Picture of an Eyeglass Collection Box. The boxes are blue, gold and white with the official SightFirst emblem.

Collection Box

The Haverhill Lions Club collects used eyeglasses for donation to Lions Eyeglass Recycling Centers. The used eyeglasses are cleaned, repaired and classified by prescription.

The eyeglasses are then distributed to those in need by Lion volunteers and other organizations hosting optical missions in developing countries.

You can donate your used eyeglasses at:

  • The Haverhill Citizen Center
    10 Welcome Street
    Haverhill, MA 01830
    8:00 am to 4:00 am (Monday Through Friday)
    The donation box is located on the bookcase in the main room.
  • By Contacting Us:
    Please click here.



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